Oculus Network Retail

The retail residential plan is a plan that works on retail sites. These sites include Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target.  If you are looking for a plan that works on these sites, this is the best option we can provide to combat anti-bot on retail sites. A reminder that some DC ISPs may become blocked on these sites due to extensive bot protection. 


As retail websites are highly targeted for fraudulent activities through residential networks. We must comply with our upstream provider's standards in order to provide you with the highest quality residential plan.


What is a KYC?

To purchase the retail residential plan, there is something known as a "silent KYC" that happens. This means your name, billing, shipping address, and country simply have to match your profile. You also have to pick the bot you will be using before you purchase the plan. 






What else do I have to do?

When checking out, it is important you use the same exact name on your Oculus profile when you checkout on the Stripe checkout page. The names must match exactly, both first and last, both in the same order. If anything does not match, then you will get awarded a regular performance plan and you should open a ticket in discord if you want to see why you failed the KYC.














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