Oculus Network Performance ISP (Extreme)

What is this plan?

The Oculus Network Extreme ISP residential plan is an elite plan of our residential proxies. This will allow you to generate the ISP of your choice. You can find the page here.

This plan offers U.S IP's, ISP carrier selection (outlined below), advanced network routing, and an exclusive IP pool making it top-tier. 

What ISP providers can I generate proxies from?

You can generate proxies from the following ISP companies:

  • Verizon
  • Century Link 
  • ATT
  • Comcast 

How many IP's can I generate? 

The extreme plan allows you to generate a certain number of IP's per plan, per generation. This is outlined below: 

  • 5 GB: 25 IP's 
  • 10 GB: 50 IP's 
  • 20 GB: 100 IP's 
  • 50 GB: 200 IP's
  • 100 GB: 400 IP's 
  • 200 GB: 900 IP's 

This is done to preserve the pool that the IP's come from. The more limited the IP generation is, the better the plan will work for users. You can generate your list for extreme as many times as you want but it is not recommended - your data will burn faster. 

I purchased the plan. How do I generate the proxies? 

Simply select the ISP provider you wish to generate, enter your IP in the box, and then click the add button. Then click the save and generate button. You can then either copy your proxies to your clipboard or download a text file containing them. Below is a picture to reference: 









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