Manually Test Proxies Using the BP Proxy Switcher


In this section, we will discuss how to manually test Oculus Proxies using the BP Proxy Switcher Chrome Application. 




First, you will want to make sure you have google chrome installed, as the application we are using only works on there. You can download chrome here


Once you have chrome installed, please download the BP Proxy Switcher application


Once downloaded, you can navigate it through google chrome. It is a very simple extension.




How To Test

The BP Proxy Switcher is very simple to set up. Once you have configured your proxies, Simply navigate to your proxy list and click copy to clipboard. 


Next, navigate to the extension and click edit. 

Next, simply paste your proxy list into the extension and click OK. 

Now, go back to the proxy extension icon and click on it. Click on a proxy within the list.


Once you click on a proxy, the page will reload. Simply type in within your browser. If the page loads, then your proxy is working, and you have successfully tested it manually. 



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