Do I need a server?

There are many benefits to using a server vs your own computer we will list a few.

  1. Speeds - The average internet speed in the USA is 50.2mbps. Speeds are important when it comes to sneaker botting. Having faster speeds can increase your chances of purchasing hyped items. Our servers we sell are 1000mbps, and 10,000mbps. That is 20 - 200x FASTER than someone not using a server.
  2. Run 24/7 - Our servers are up 24/7. You do not need to worry about if your computer is on incase a shoe is restocking.
  3. Fastest PING to websites - Most online retailers have their servers located in the same datacenters as us. Therefore your ping to these websites are typically the fastest.  This further increases the odds of you purchasing hyped items.
  4. Access your server ANYWHERE - You are able to access your Oculus Server from any device (Laptop, Macbook, iPhone, Android,) Follow our guide here on how to access your server from anywhere.
  5. Higher specifications - Our Servers have anywhere from 12GB - 64GB of Ram and 8 - 32 CPU Cores. This gives you more resources to run more bots that your local computer may be able to handle.

To purchase a server, visit our server website here.

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