Setting up Oculus Premium DC ISP Proxies


This setup guide covers all DC ISP plans that can be found on 


Our DC Proxies are IP authenticated. In order for you to use your proxies, you MUST authenticate them. We have created a YouTube video you can follow step by step on how to set up your proxies. You can watch it here


If you do not want to follow the video, no worries. This guide will explain how to set up and use Oculus DC ISP Proxies. 


Step One: Login

You will first want to navigate to Please enter your email and password. 


You will be prompted to enter a verification code sent to your account email. Simply go to your email, type in the code in, and click confirm.  This setting can be disabled in your user settings.


Step Two: Go to your order page 

Upon logging into the Oculus Proxies website, you will see our main page. 


From there, please click your name. After that, click MY ORDERS. It is circled in pink and is below your name. 


Step Three: Navigate to your configuration page 

Once you have successfully navigated to your order page, you will see our DC ISP orders. 


From here, please click the three small buttons. 


After you click the buttons, click configure proxy. 


Once you do this, you will be navigated to your proxy list. 



Step Four: Configure your proxies 


Upon navigating to your proxy list, you will see this page. This is your proxy list.


To authenticate your IP properly, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to
  • You will see a strand of numbers. This is called your IP Address. Simply copy and paste this into your oculus dashboard where it says Authenticated IPs. 
  • Click add
  • Click save config 



Just to recap this step: Click add, then click save config. It is very important you follow this step, else your list will not work.


If done correctly, you are all set. You will see this appear on your screen: 




Step Five: OPTIONAL!

Some tools/browsers can be used in both IP Auth configuration, or User:Pass configuration. Oculus Proxies offers both ways to when using your proxies.


We recommend that you use User:Pass configuration over IP Auth configuration due to the fact that your own IPv4 can change at any time. If it were to change your proxies would stop working until you update your authorized IP. User:Pass configuration would never be affected as your authenticating your proxies with a specific username and password


To change your plan to User:Pass configuration click on the drop down tab above where you would add your authorized IPs and click User Password Based and press save, then copy your new set of proxies.



You are then free to copy the list to your clipboard. Paste them in your bot to begin using them. 

If your proxies do not work after configuring them, please join our discord and create a ticket for support. 






Full GIF of our guide




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