I recieved my proxies, but they're not IP addresses

Oculus Proxies routes all requests through our proxy server which then assigns you a unique proxy/ip address when the request is made. We utilize this process to preserve the quality of our network and peers. All of our proxies are delivered in IP:Port:Username:Password format






IP - proxy.oculus-proxy.com
Port - 31113
Username - ba13396172373555b0b863c3af19140fb70656c3a3056b2d8185339f32d8849031e9de1439ac8c09896134fdddab7259f66892fe11af69d2e02f0cc1ce1b3c29e
Password - 4lsma3dl7mb8


Each proxy string has a different username which assigns you a new IP/proxy on each request.

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