My proxies are testing slow

There are a few factors that will determine your proxy speeds


1. Your location & the location of your proxy

If you are living in the USA and are generating proxies from a country far away, you will see slowness in loading speeds due to the distance your machine needs to travel to connect to your proxy.  You can try generating different IPs to see if you're able to have a faster IP.


2. Your internet speed

Your internet speeds also will limit/throttle the speed you have when connecting to a proxy. If you have a 1MBPS connection, your proxy will never be faster than 1MBPS due to the speed of your own network.


3.The website you are visiting

The speed of the website your connecting to can also be throttling your speed. Unfortunately it's not possible to circumvent slow website speeds.


If you are still seeing slowness on your Oculus Proxies feel free to reach out to our support for further help!






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