Integrate your proxies into any script

How To Integrate into your own scripts.

1. Navigate to Oculus orders page

- ISP Proxies

- Datacenter Proxies

2. Click on Proxy List

3. You will be brought to your purchased plan. Our plans require IP Authentication to work. This is to ensure it can only be used by you.

4. Press Detect My IP. After a few seconds your public IPV4 address will automatically be entered. If this does not auto-fill, or if you are authorizing a different machine/device. We suggest visiting to retrieve your public IPV4 address. 

5. Press Save & Generate.

6. Your proxies are now authorized and ready to use. You can either copy individual proxies, or copy the entire list at the top right of your order view.

7. You will need to put them into the format your script requires. All proxies are delivered in an ip:port:username:password format.

8. See a very simple proxy script here to test through python -

 - In this script example the proxies are in username:password@IP:Port format.

9. We suggest testing your script first to

10. If successfully configured, your proxy IP will be returned.


You can follow along and pause if needed!


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