Edit and Add Payment Methods

We have added the ability to edit the payment method on your proxy orders. Please follow below to see the different ways on how to do this. 


View all saved payment methods

To view the payment methods on your account, please click here. As you can see, all your payment methods are viewable on this page. You can see all details for your specific card, including your billing address and email.


Add a payment method

To add a payment method, navigate to the following:

Once you successfully save a new payment method, it can be used to renew an existing order or place a new one.  This is beneficial for renewing an order with a new credit or debit card instead of the card that was previously used. 


Set a default payment method

You can change your default payment at any time through the "payment methods" dashboard. To do so, simply toggle the option on the card of your choice. You can do so by adding a new card, or on an existing one. 

Marking this method of payment as default will charge this card whenever there is no payment method associated with any order. 


Change payment method on an order

To change the payment method on a specific order, please navigate to your orders. 

Next, click the three dots, then click "Renew now".


You can then view the current payment attached to that order and can change that payment to another by clicking the pencil icon. 



When finished, click "update". 



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