Using Proxies Within Insomniac Browser

Oculus Proxies are very easy to setup to use within the Insomniac Browser. You can configure and setup the proxies within the browser in just 60 seconds.



(View GIF in Full Screen Here If Needed)


  1. After purchasing your plan, navigate to your orders page here
  2. Click on the options menu on the right side on your plan > Configure Proxies
  3. You can either use the proxies in USER PASS format, or IP AUTH
  4. To configure your proxies as IP AUTH - SEE GUIDE HERE (Optional)
  5. If you want to configure your proxies as USER PASS format, click the first drop down window and change IP Based > User Pass Based.
  6. Click Save Config and then close out of your plan and reopen it. Your proxies are now setup to be used in User Pass format.
  7. On the Configure Proxies screen you can change the proxy format to Insomniac. You can now copy them to your clipboard and paste them right into Insomniac. Click into Insomniac and press CTRL + V and your proxies will be copied and ready for use.


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